Industry Verticals


We recognize that in order to deliver quality care and value to their members and patients, healthcare organizations need to become very data driven. The data driven insights then need to be embedded into normal business workflows and be part of the care continuum. We work with Healthcare Providers, Corporate Wellness Companies and Payers to help them engage their members, connect stakeholders internal and external to their organizations, develop data management applications to integrate, standardize and aggregate for operational and analytical purposes.

  • Develop ACO Management Platforms
  • Develop Patient/Member Engagement Platforms
  • Scalable Data processing engines
  • Reporting and Dashboard Solutions to get operational, clinical and financial insights


Manufacturing Industry is dealing with challenges around Global Competition, Technology innovation, Regulatory,  Labor,  Supply Chain there is increased pressure to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Manufacturers that are agile are able to innovate and be more resilient.

Ability to harness data and drive improvements is a key competitive differentiator (part of Digital Transformation/Factory 4.0). Creating a Digitized factory is not about just blind investment in digital technologies but creating a manufacturing strategy that is more informed

  • Shop Floor Automation – Implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Digital Foundation – Develop the connectivity layer by developing, adopting some frameworks, open source tools
  • Operations Analytics and Process Monitoring – Operational reporting of shop floor operations, supply chain
  • Mobile solutions to inform various staff of various events, to enable communication and collaboration on the shop floor and to improve collaboration between production staff and other functions
  • Facilitate the easy flow of information from design->Engineering->Production
  • Platforms to capture internal/external knowledge, best practices to drive continuous improvement
  • Solutions to train and update skills, online learning, real-time video, coaching, mentoring.


Similar to manufacturing companies the supply chain and value chains in this industry span geographies. We recognize that the internal processes, systems and workforce span geographies as well. We build operational, internet/extranet systems being mindful of these facts that employees, customers and other stakeholders need to get a pulse of local and global markets for products and services.

  • We develop Reporting and Dashboard solutions to get insights on operational and strategic initiatives
  • Applications to understand product performance, sales and operational metrics
  • Product Life Cycle Management Systems Implementations


We understand that Insurance companies are in the “Risk Management” business. Data is central to managing and understanding risks associated with the individuals or assets being managed. The insurance industry has various stakeholders internal and external to their companies that are part of key business workflows. We develop business applications to streamline and augment some of these business process.

  • Insurance Agent, Third Party damage assessment platforms
  • Policy Holder Engagement, Grievance Management Platforms
  • Business Systems Integration
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting