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We develop a wide range of vertical specific business applications and solutions that help manage key business processes and stakeholders. Our products and solutions are for both On-Premise and Cloud Deployments.
We provide IT support and maintenance to key business applications and also augment our clients’ key business processes with highly trained staff. This helps our clients get reliability, continuity and efficiencies in their IT Systems and business processes
We design and develop data management solutions, and analytics to help our clients obtain operational and strategic insights. We work with both On-premise and Cloud deployments.
BI Applications Production Support
Once we deploy BI Solutions, we help our client organizations with production support activities which include everything from managing and monitoring databases, production ETL jobs and even supporting questions on data from IT and Business Users. • We help manage Datawarehouse & Datamart environments • We help manage & administer ETL platform • We help monitor production job runs • We help troubleshoot any data issues • We provide continuous support to IT and business users
BI Mentoring and Coaching
We provide mentoring our Client's staff as needed, in areas of BI technology and architecture, BI Project Management, and Change Management. • BI Architecture and Design • BI Technology • BI Project Management
Reports and Dashboard Development
We help design and develop Reports on major BI platforms. As we develop Reports and Dashboards we are constantly looking for ways to increase user engagement. We develop standard enterprise reports as well as self-service BI solutions. We have had tremendous success in developing a good mix of reports, Self-service and dashboards to engage various stakeholders in client organizations.
Datawarehouse, Datamart Development
We can help design and implement datawarehouses and/or datamarts to address the reporting and dashboarding needs. Any data foundation we build would be based on an information architecture that addresses diverse information needs of an organization - Enterprise Reporting, Ad-Hoc Analytics, Dashboarding.
Rapid Proof of Concept Development
Before embarking on any new initiatives which may include new technologies, and/or new audiences we help develop rapid prototypes to test out the idea. The rapid prototyping helps surface additional requirements, get quick feedback, and engages the stakeholders from the very beginning before making significant commitments to a larger initiative and helps manage risk better. The key is to build and test out the most meaningful and impactful concerns. We do these POCs in sprints of two-three weeks keeping the stakeholders engaged throughout the process.
Technology Assessment and Selection
As part of Strategy development, Technology assessment and selection are critical steps. Based on the organization's strategy, culture, existing investments in people and technology, we help determine the right technology stack. Our Technology assessment is comprehensive and covers everything from Database Technologies, ETL platforms, Reporting Tools, Dashboarding tools, Metadata Management and Master Data Management. We help you identify and measure the Total Cost of Ownership of existing and new technologies.
Cloud Services
We provide custom application development services In Microsoft and Java based platforms for on-premise and cloud deployments.